Nissan Leaf lease

Do you enjoy a long-term car lease from The cheapest rent car Prague? Would you like to be able to enjoy top quality cars for a long time, such as a wagon, a family car or for any other purpose?

Then you could be a long-term lease of Nissan Leaf with the possibility of financing an operating lease at the Cheapest Car Hire in Prague.


Operating lease

With long-term car rental for more than a month, we offer our clients the option of renting a car with operating lease financing. What exactly does operational leasing mean?
Operational leasing is basically a long-term rental car with advantageous conditions for the client - the main advantages are that you will get rid of all the worries about car maintenance and servicing, as well as arranging and paying car insurance as well as highway tolls.
Another great advantage of operating leases at The cheapest rent car in Prague is that you can drive any number of kilometers with a rented car. On your travels, you can always be calm without checking how far you have gone.

Advantages of Operational Leasing Car Rental Prague:

The advantages of long-term car rental at our cheapest car rental Prague include:

  • the maintenance and servicing of the vehicle are avoided
  • we provide emergency insurance
  • we arrange liability insurance
  • the price includes any mileage
  • the price of the rental is a highway toll for the Czech Republic free of charge

Rental of electric car Nissan Leaf Praha

Are you interested in a long-term lease of Nissan Leaf in Prague? The cheapest car rental Prague has a unique offer for you! Below is the rental price of Nissan Leaf Praha and what is included in it, as well as how you can get an interesting bonus up to CZK 5,000!


The benefits of renting Nissan Leaf at The cheapest rent car Prague

The benefits of a long-term lease of Nissan Leaf at our Prague Car Rental include, for example, free parking in Prague, zero direct emissions and also economic maintenance-free operation.

Nissan Leaf is simply the best choice if you need an economical maintenance-free car and you also move in Prague. However, these are not the only benefits of renting Nissan Leaf at The cheapest rent car Prague!

The monthly installment of the operating lease also includes:

  • Leaf administration
  • Replacement vehicle in case of car repair (only in case of third party damage)
  • Car insurance
  • emergency insurance (5% participation)
  • windshield insurance
  • 24h assistance within the EU
  • radio fee
  • service intervals prescribed by the manufacturer
  • free border 3000 km
  • permission to park in blue zones in Prague


Rent a Nissan Leaf Prize

Are you interested in renting a Nissan Leaf Praha electric car? Nissan Leaf's long-term rentals start at CZK 7,500 / month, but we are very happy to process an individual price offer.

We always meet our clients in their demands and therefore we prefer to prepare a tailored price offer for you.
E.g. at an annual 10,000 km raid and 24-month rental, you will get the Nissan Leaf for just 8,200 CZK a month! At the same raid and rental for 48 months then even for 6 900 CZK!


  10 000 km 15 000 km 20 000 km 30 000 km 40 000 km 50 000 km
24 months 8 200 CZK 8 900 CZK 9 500 CZK 10 000 CZK 12 300 CZK 14 000 CZK
36 months 7 500 CZK 7 900 CZK 9 000 CZK 9 500 CZK 12 000 CZK 13 750 CZK
48 months 6 900 CZK 7 500 CZK 8 500 CZK 9 500 CZK 11 600 CZK 13 500 CZK


The Nissan Leaf Prague rental fee does not include a highway toll, tire and application, and charging cards for all charging station networks.

Get another Nissan Leaf bonus

Do you already have your Nissan Leaf? Would you like to recommend it to your friends, clients or family? To bring a new client with whom you make a long-term lease, you get a commission of CZK 5,000 for every single car!