Rent car Ford

Ford Mustang coupe

3.999 CZK* / day
BenzinConsumption 15lAutomat

FORD car rental offers car rental at great prices and top customer service. Customers FORD Auto Car Rentals can come with special wishes or requests and can rely on the cheapest Car Hire staff to do everything they see in their eyes.

The cheapest car rental Prague provides not only car rental but also rental of vans. In case you need to move or transport bulky and heavy loads, please contact Prague Car rental, Prague Van rental

FORD Prague car rental has a very interesting selection of FORD cars in its fleet. The real jewel is FORD MUSTANG, which is available both in the coupe version and convertible. This is a super fast car with which the enjoyment of driving is indescribable because you just have to experience it!
Driving in FORD MUSTANG is one great adrenaline experience that begins when you see the car! Therefore, The cheapest rent car Prague FORD has created for you an original gift that will be appreciated by every car enthusiast. Gift voucher for Ford Mustang car rent at FORD Prague Car Rental! You can donate vouchers to spouses, partners, or couples, and you are sure to hit. Gift voucher is also suitable as a wedding or birthday gift.
FORD MUSTANG car rental is suitable for all types of occasions, you can use it for renting a car for a wedding or a free-ride, go out for a weekend with friends, partner or partner, or go for a sporting event where you will definitely impress with this car. In FORD MUSTANG you can also greatly represent your business at social, exhibit or racing events.
FORD Prague car rental provides car rental and delivery for any length of time. Do you need just something to do when you are uncomfortable or do you need to move quickly? You are sure to welcome the possibility of renting a car for a day or even renting an hourly delivery. Car rental options also include long-term rental if you need a car or van for more than a month.