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Audi A5 2.0Tdi

1.200 CZK* / day
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Audi A7 3.0Tdi

1.500 CZK* / day
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AUDI Prague car rental has only two Audi models in its fleet, but it is attracted by attractiveness and performance. The Audi has so many distinctive and design-made cars that you will fall in love with them at first glance, and even if you have the choice of multiple models, you would always end up with Audi A5 and Audi A7.
Rent a car Audi is suitable for all kinds of social events such as parties, weddings, stag or hen parties, women's or men's driving, or maybe job opportunities, such as meeting with clients you want to impress, or you can rent Audi use at races where he will be a great representative of your business. For photos from one of these promotions, you can check out the references.
Drive in either AUDI A5 2.0Tdi or AUDI A7 3.0Tdi is one great adrenaline experience that you just have to experience for yourself! Therefore, the cheapest car rental PRAGUE AUDI Auto has created an original gift that you can give your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Gift voucher for car driving from AUDI Prague Car Rental! Gift voucher is also suitable as a wedding or birthday gift, which will surely celebrate success.
AUDI Prague car rental provides short and long-term AUDI car rental at the best prices. Short-term AUDI rental can be used if you need a luxury car for a day or a different number of days, or an AUDI car rental for a week or a month.
The AUDI Car rental car can also offer you a rental company car. AUDI cars Your company will be great to represent, so it is very good to rent a car to a company.
If you would like to rent an AUDI car for more than a month, then long-term car rental is available. In these cases, the long-term lease of AUDI is solved by operating leases, which offer many advantages and are therefore very popular in recent times. Operating Leasing Audi also offers the opportunity to negotiate an individual car rental offer that will be tailored to suit your needs.
The cheapest car rental in Prague is not only a car rental but also a Prague delivery service. If you are moving or need to transport bulky and heavy cargo, please contact The cheapest rent car Prague
For Audi rental, AUDI Car Rental provides the option of outstanding services, that will make it easier for you to rent a car, but also make it more enjoyable. One such example is the free delivery of a car within Prague!