How to rent a car cheaply?


380 CZK* / day
BenzínConsumption 7lManuální

Mini Cooper

660 CZK* / day
DieselConsumption 7lDSG - automat

Car Rental Booking Guide:

1. Choose your vehicle
In our menu, visit our The cheapest rent car Prague Car fleet where you can find a complete offer of cars and deliveries for rent. The choice of cars is clear, with each car you can see the rental price and basic information about the car, such as fuel type, fuel consumption, and if the car has an automatic gearbox. This way, you can quickly find your destination and choose the car that best suits your needs. If you do not know the advice, contact us and we will give you the ideal car for your needs.
After clicking on the details of the selected car, you will find more detailed information about the car, the year of production, the technical parameters of the vehicle, such as performance and engine, mileage and car rental conditions. In addition, you will see a list of rental prices for different hours, days, weeks, or long-term rental. You will also find the amount of the deposit, but renting a car can be solved even without the full amount of the deposit, thanks to the delivery of your car.
2. Booking a vehicle
Did you choose a vehicle for rent? In detail of each car, you will find a short demand form for vehicle booking. Fill in the required rental date, name, contact details, and you can add a note if you want to tell us some special requirements. Enter the verification code in the box below the note and send the request by pressing the button.
After sending non-binding inquiries, we will contact you as soon as we verify the availability of the vehicle. We will tell you if the required car is free for your term, we will confirm the price of your car rental and we will arrange further details.
3. Acceptance of the car
What do you need to take a car or delivery? Make sure you do not forget your ID card, driver's license, and deposit money. The bail can also be deposited non-cash and, after the lease, we will transfer the amount back to your account. In the case of renting a car without a deposit, you will be able to take your car to one of our branches where we will arrange the administrative details.
The method of taking over the rented car depends only on you. You can pick it up at the cheapest car rental office, use the free of charge car delivery within Prague, but of course, we can arrange your car anywhere else in the whole Czech Republic. When we take over the car, we will manage the necessary administration and we will jointly check the condition of the vehicle if it corresponds to the description.
There is also the possibility to rent additional equipment such as a child seat or portable navigation.
4. Returning the vehicle
The return of the vehicle takes place again according to a previous agreement. You can return the car yourself to a branch or come to the place of destination. We will manage the administrative issues and recheck the car. In the event of damage or contamination of the vehicle, The cheapest rent car Prague will require reimbursement of the cost of bringing the car to its previous state. These costs will be covered by a deposit and, after deduction, the deposit will be returned to your chosen account.
In the event of a traffic accident, you do not have to worry about having to pay the full amount of the damage. We are well prepared for these situations. All cars have emergency insurance and liability insurance covering the whole of Europe. So if an accident really happens, you only pay a percentage of your co-payment.
5. Stay with us!
For the most discerning customers, the cheapest car rental service offers discounts for car rental, so if you are satisfied with our services, stay with us and get even better rent! We will also be glad to send you our experience with us and the photo in the car from us. We hope you will be happy with our services and we look forward to your driving responses in our luxury cars!
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