Ford Mustang coupe

3.999 CZK* / day
PetrolConsumption 15lAutomatic transmission
DieselConsumption 8lAutomatic transmission
PetrolConsumption 4l6-gear Manual
Consumption 8lDSG 7
Consumption 7l6-gear Manual
DieselConsumption 6lManual - 5 gear transmission
DieselConsumption 7lDSG - automatic transmission
Consumption 8lDSG - automatic transmission
DieselConsumption 8lDSG - automatic transmission
DieselConsumption 6lDSG - automatic transmission
DieselConsumption 7lDSG - automatic transmission
Consumption 7lDSG - automatic transmission

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The cheapest car rental Prague ranks among the most important and largest car rental companies in Prague, but also throughout the Czech Republic. We offer both short and long-term car rental for any purpose, corporate or personal.
Do you want to rent a car for the weekend? Would you like to take your dear half to a luxury car ride or to rent a fast sports car with friends? Do you want the client to impress or go out for company training in a nice car? Everything is ideal for The cheapest rent car in Prague!
In all your requirements, the cheapest car rental in Prague is able to accommodate you - we will arrange for you to rent the rented car at the agreed place and after the car rental period, we will also arrange for the car to be picked up. At the cheapest car rental in Prague, we place the client always in the first place, we act professionally and willingly meet all your requirements!
Our cheapest car rental in Prague offers both short and long-term car rental. So you can rent the car for only one or several days, such as a nice weekend with your partner or a ride with friends.
Likewise, you can rent your car for a long time, from a few weeks to several months. The cheapest car rental in Prague will bring you the rented car to the agreed place, and after the car rental period ends, it will be taken away.
As the name suggests, The cheapest car rental in Prague offers car rental at very reasonable prices, usually the lowest on the market. The car rental Prague offers liability insurance and accident insurance for the whole of Europe so that an accident will not be a problem. In the same way, a highway mark is a matter of course so that you can go on the road anywhere.
In addition, the cheapest car rental in Prague offers unlimited mileage in the rental price! At a meeting, ride or business trip, you can go anywhere without having to pay a higher price for renting a car.
Although it is the cheapest car rental in Prague, we will be happy to bring you the car not only in the Czech Capital City but also anywhere else in the Czech Republic. From the agreed place we will pick up the rented car again. When you work with The cheapest rent car Prague you do not have to worry about anything, just choose your car and tell us where you want to bring it!

Does a ride in a luxury car lure you, for example, to surprise your partner on the occasion of the anniversary and take her to a romantic weekend and a ride in a convertible Ford Mustang Cabrio? Or does it attract you a weekend with your friends and ride in the fast and sporty Audi A7?

Or do you go to a business meeting and need an impression on the client or business partners? Then it can be the right choice to rent luxury Mercedes Benz 350D or Skoda Superb Elegance. Of course, you can choose any other car from our offer, which will then be offered to you at The cheapest rent car Prague service wherever you want and it's free of charge!

What are the Benefits of the Cheapest Car Hire in Prague? The first advantage is that you can choose a car to rent from a wide range of luxury cars, especially at the best rates! Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about anything because the rental car will bring you wherever you want. Employee The cheapest car rental in Prague will also pick up your car at the end of the rental period, which will suit you!

Although The cheapest car rental Prague might indicate that we only operate as a car rental in Prague, it is not the case - the cheapest car rental service is available throughout the Czech Republic, whether you are planning a trip or a business trip from anywhere, renting a car at Prague's Cheapest Car Hire Clearly the right choice!

If you're looking for a short or long-term car rental at discounted rates, then the cheapest car rental in Prague is a clear choice! Do not hesitate to contact Prague's cheapest car rental with any requirement - just like our cars, and our professional attitude is top-notch, so we will be happy to meet your wishes!


Are you interested in long-term car rental? The cheapest car rental in Prague offers both long-term rental of passenger cars with great equipment, as well as long-term rental of vans. If you are interested in a real long-term lease, for example, in months or years, you can use our operating lease, which gives you the opportunity to rent a car at very reasonable prices, with no worries and investment in repairs or insurance.

Do you want to know how satisfied our clients are with us? What are the experiences of clients or on what occasion did they use the cheapest car rental in Prague? The experience of the Prague car rental clients can be found here.


BMW car rental offers the best rental from the BMW car. In the BMW Prague car rental fleet, you will find the sports SUV BMW X6 or the BMW M4, whose furious performance puts you deep in the seat.


Mercedes Benz car rental offers rental of these elegant cars for any occasion. But it is especially good for representing your company, for example, in tournaments, social events or business meetings.


The cheapest car rental Prague offers the most advantageous long-term lease on the market. The terms and prices of long-term rentals are absolutely unmatched. If you do not find your chosen car in our offer, do not mind. We are happy to provide you with operational leasing for any car.


Car fleet of Audi car rentaloffers the Audi A5 2.0 Tdi and Audi A7 3.0 Tdi rentals, cars that are attracting fans all over the world thanks to their distinctive design. There is also the Audi A6 3.0 Tdi BITURBO Avant, Quattro S-line, a luxury manager car that is only available for long-term rental for more than 6 months.


Ford car rental Prague with its offer does not stay behind, boasting can be American legends Ford Mustang coupe and Ford Mustang Cabrio. Cars with acoustics is a deafening ride in them is an adrenaline experience.


Prague airport car hire offers car rental directly at the airport. Cars are available at Václav Havel's Airport and it offers a great opportunity to pick up the car and have it delivered immediately after arriving in the Czech Republic. Prague Airport Car Rental allows you to conveniently move from airport to accommodation or home after a fatiguing flight. The car can then be returned anywhere you want.


Skoda car rental offers rental of the latest models of the popular Skoda brand. Skoda Auto car rental bought all the famous Skoda cars, including Skoda Karoq, Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Superb Ambition or Skoda Superb Style 2.0 Tdi 4x4 DSG, which is the first car in Skoda Auto cheapest car rental.


If you are going to buy one of the new Skoda models, then you will definitely welcome the opportunity to test your ride. Skoda car rental offers test drive of Skoda Karoq and Skoda Kodiaq. Test drives at car showrooms do not offer the possibility of renting a car, so you can not even try the car. The Skoda Prague car rental will give you the car for as long as you need and you can freely decide if your car will suit you all the way.


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How to rent a car? Are you interested in how to rent a car? We have instructions for you How to rent a car cheaply! You will learn how to book a car rental, how to rent a car, what documents you need to rent a car, how to pick up a car, and how it works.